"I was heartbroken when I found out," he says, of learning that Mo was going to be unfaithful to his fiancee Kate Nathan (Laurel Devenie) with his estranged jailbird wife Margaret (Debbie Newby-Ward). Died of injuries as result of gunshot to chest. Shortland Street Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Mo announced that Margaret planned to return . Also arriving at the hospital is convicted rapist Ian Reed,who was stabbed in prison and who will require a stay in the place where nurse orderlyClaire (Becky Button), one of his victims, works. Wife. After helping stepbrother and close friend Jack through the death of his boyfriend Dion, Blue departed Ferndale to live with his new girlfriend in a studio apartment after enrolling in university. Wednesday, 01 March 2023 . to pay for it himself. "Third time unlucky for Shortland Street's Curtis Hannah". His story gave him a lot of courage to open up about his sexuality after hiding it for so long. All characters are introduced by the shows executive producer Simon Bennett. The Shortland Street cliffhanger is available on TVNZ OnDemand. The relationship was short-lived; however, the academic help enabled Jack to continue his pursuit of medicine. Mo Hannah is injured. Despite this and increasing jealousy over Lincoln's previous romance with Nicole (Sally Martin), Jack became besotted with Lincoln and started taking drugs to impress him. In 2019, after Mo passed away, he finally decided to do the double mastectomy as the next stage to physically transition into a man. Ruby arrives at the home and her and Nicole have sex again. Deaths | Shortland Street Wiki | Fandom Deaths Edit 0 seconds of 1 minute, 43 secondsVolume 0% 00:00 01:43 This video file cannot be played. "[7] Jack's final scenes aired on 7 August 2019. He is later employed as the head chef of the I.V. [3] Shortland Street producer Maxine Fleming said there were around 12 actors auditioning for the part. 2015 - Present. Died of cardiac arrest caused by renal failure due a faulty drug distributed by the dodgy pharmaceutical company Scott Spear. But the B-story also has a sting in its toxic masculinity tale: After hiding the seriousness of his injuries, Mo starts bleeding from the mouth, collapses, and dies in. It's another step up for my acting. Read more. Pixie Hannah: August 2015 . Was unable to be treated while pregnant. After a day on life support, long time husband Murray Cooper decided to let her life support be turned off. Glenn Rickman, played by Will Wallace,[9] made his first appearance on 1 August 2016. In order to pay for a traditional wedding, Ali would take up an extra job as a Piggyback driver with his friend Curtis Hannah. However, his memory has glitched, until the day before his passing, when he remembered the full details of Kylie's murder of Dylan, but he also hinted that he would be meeting Lucy, when he mentioned about Rachel being drunk at their wedding. He was devastated when Curtis was murdered whilst undercover in gangland Christchurch, and began dating the cop investigating, Hamish (Simon Arblaster). Passed away after being pushed by olive onto wooden garden edging at a party held at Harper and Drew's place suffering from a bleed causing brain death. Murdered by Dr. Ethan Pierce for body parts to supply his body harvesting operation. You can do whatever you want. "There are so many families out there with this bizarre collection of stories and I think the Hannah-Nathans reflect that really well.". bar and is recognised to Bella Durville (Amelia Reid-Meredith) as a famous food critic, however, this is not the case. Jimmy is Tobeck's second role on the show, having previously portrayed Craig Develter from 1995 to 1996.[2]. Kieran confessed to killing Morgan Braithwaite before letting go of the cliff in order to save the life of his brother Sean. Tom had mysteriously disappeared that year but returned wanting a kidney transplant. After the seizure, he lost all recollection of events in the last 2 weeks, including Kylie's admission of guilt hours prior. "It was hard to stop the tears because with the emotions,. "For Kate, it's just been her and Blue for so long. After discovering a cure to a killer virus, Sarah caught the illness herself and died beside her family. Shocked Mo rings Leroy's mother only to find out that he had run away after domestic abuse from her boyfriend. Resuming duties in ED, Raj became convinced his missing daughter had been admitted as a patient and began to suspect she had been kidnapped. I knew everyone was going to be looking at me and I didn't know if I'd be able to handle it. Shorty Street Scandal - Ali's Death James Mustapic 3.26K subscribers Subscribe 199 12K views 3 years ago I made this a few weeks ago, give it some love and let me know if you'd me to do more!. Richard broke his neck falling off the roof of the Thornton residence while trying to repair a TV antenna on a night of heavy rain after drinking heavily. "We've had a lot of happy family stuff going on for a while so that's quite suspicious. This video is a tribute and goodbye video for Shortland Street character, Pixie Hannah, who passed away 19 August 2015 from Pneumonia, due to a weakened immune system after chemotherapy. Kate then reminds Mo that Margaret is the biological mother to his children. "Mo has kind of been the hero, I guess, in most of the situations he's been in and it's probably going to be a real shock to fans to see him make this decision. Later, still determined to buy the bar, he ends up coming to an agreement with Nicole, Vinnie, and Drew and buys the bar. Kate finds it difficult to accept that Blue wants to start transitioning to male, believing that he may want to change his decision down the track. She returned a couple of months later at Drew's apartment wanting a place to stay to get away from her father which Drew accept her to stay for one night. She fled Ferndale, only increasing the suspicion on her, leaving Mo and Victoria to start a relationship. Died in the hospital outbreak of Stryker Virus. Jayden made his professional acting debut in 2015, as a lead character on the iconic primetime New Zealand drama Shortland Street. Unbeknownst to Rachel, Gareth stole a security access card before being removed. Bludgeoned to death with a candlestick by Carla Crozier-Leach in Episode 1000. Rawiri is hoping Kate never finds out but, given this is Shortland Street, the actor doesn't have high hopes of Mo being let off the hook. Victoria "Tor" Anderton, played by Laura Thompson, made her first appearance on 11 March 2015. She later apologised for what her father had done and leaves. He started to threaten Drew after he performed surgery on his daughter, threatening to go to a higher power if need be. Jack then starts talking to Blue and comforts him. Last edited on 24 February 2023, at 20:34, "Thomasin McKenzie: Shortland Street's new Pixie", "Almighty Johnsons alumnus on Shortland Street", "Expensive Organic Vegetables and a New Take on the Santa Suit", "Shortland Street Power Rankings, 26 October Love in a Hardware Store? But the B-story also has a sting in its toxic masculinity tale: After hiding the seriousness of his injuries, Mo starts bleeding from the mouth, collapses, and dies in Chris' arms. Alison had married him overseas and returned after he had turned out to be abusive. Died after falling from a cliff after Sean Mitchell pushed him, himself and Kieran Mitchell over. [15] She is the new house officer at the hospital and the niece to TK Samuels and cousin of Tillie Potts she arrives at TK's house unaccounted after looking for a place to stay after she contacted TK's partner Kylie Brown. He later collapses as help arrives and, next to Chris and Kate, dies from his injuries. Stresses get to Cam and he turns back to drugs. Leroy is reluctant to go to school or get a job, but Mo insists. Kate mentions that they are no longer on speaking terms and has had very little in Blues growing up. She wants Leroy to return home, but Mo makes arrangements with his mother allowing Leroy to stay longer. After admitting her crimes to Mo, Victoria takes off in a car to avoid arrest. [1] Reuben Milner was a teenage actor that had previously "turned his nose up" at working on Shortland Street and told himself that, "no matter what happens, if I get offered a part on Shorty, I'll turn it down. She returned in May, when Mo, Jack and Curtis are on a camping trip and decided to turn herself in for embezzlement. However, she was abused twice due to Finn's violent outbursts, especially when he was medically suspended due to drink-driving and struck down Nicole Kruse-Miller. Murdered by Dominic Thompson. He meets with Rachel and tells her that he will make a donation to the hospital. Beaten by Hayden when he discovered that she was in love with TK. ", READ MORE: *SPOILER: Grace Palmer leaves TV's Shortland Street *Shortland Street: Ben Barrington shares details of his character's wedding day *Shortland Street's Michael Galvin 'terrified' about leaving show in new storyline *Shortland Street star Sally Martin talks 'massive adjustment'. "[3] The show's production company hired Cole Meyers, a consultant from the transgender community, to help out with Blue's introduction. Cardiac arrest resulting from a lethal injection. Trying to help Jack, Lincoln proposed and bought a house for the two to share. She reconnects with old-colleague Boyd Rolleston (Sam Bunkall). Laurel says she loves what the Hannah-Nathan family represents. Ruby later leaves Ferndale. Our firebrick is made from famous Missouri fireclay and, as a result, is highly regarded in the industry and beyond. Jack returned the following year having landed a permanent role as a doctor in the Emergency Department, with Matiu to join him in the coming months. He asks Lucy to donate liver and his intentions of wanting to reconnect with Lucy are revealed as just wanting her liver. Drew declines his offer thinking he is still an immature kid. In a gripping, brutal scene Kylie does what we all knew she was going to to do 45 minutes ago when she hesitated beforepulling him out of a burning car. It is later revealed that the shooter is Victoria, who is angry at Drew for sleeping with and dumping her earlier in the year. After manipulating Dr. Brooke Freeman into sex, Lars collapsed and died. I loved it. Moutere "Mo" Hannah, played by Jarod Rawiri,[6][7] made his first appearance on 10 April 2015. They crash, they burn, and Kylie almost almost doesn't pull her burning man out of wreckage. He earns no money and ends up stealing from her, but she gets the money back. Harper suffers a seizure and is discovered to have a tumor. [2] He later described this decision as "selfish", as he thought accepting the storyline solely, "because I thought it would be good for my portfolio to show my range" when in reality he, "realised how important my role was. Drew became the acting CEO of Shortland Street after Chris Warner is no longer capable to carry out his duties due to his leukemia treatments. As: Linda, As: Casey Thomas 2009, 2019 Neill Rea . "Every time a relationship finishes on screen you go through the same feelings as actors as well because you know you probably won't be spending as much time together," he says. Eddie (Rawiri Jobe) and Boogie (Brooklyn Nathan) tackle a man they believe to be the murderous organ harvester known as The Creep, only to discover he is actually Curtis working undercover.. After framing Mo's wife Margaret Hannah (Debbie Newby-Ward) for the attempted murder of Drew on top of her actual fraud, Victoria starts a relationship with Mo, much to the dislike of Mo's son Curtis (Jayden Daniels). To get away from the gang, he takes Lucy and Ali to their family bach and announces he once sold the property in a desperate time for money but had recently bought it back in a trust for Lucy and Ali's expected daughter. It is quickly apparent that Curtis and Jack don't get on and Curtis bullies Jack about his sexuality, teasing that Jack's friend, Kane, is his . Kate moves out with Blue and Margaret leaves to live with her sister. Kiri Hannah. and begins a romance with Kane's foster sister, Bella Durville (Amelia Reid-Meredith), leaving her pregnant. Died in a hospice after having been diagnosed several months beforehand. Drowned in a bathtub. Get more of the radio, music and podcasts you love with the FREE Kylie Brown (Kerry-Lee Dewing), Cam's girlfriend, also comes along with Drew. He later leaves Ferndale, and was later mentioned that he has a new girlfriend. Nurse Wendy Cooper 19 January 2016 Fatal Gunshot Wound Suffered a stroke after being shot by gunman Gareth Hutchins, leading to Brain death. While attempting to leave the hostage filled cafeteria, he was tackled by Mo Hannah and Nurse Vinnie Kruse, prompting the Armed Offenders Squad to breach the cafeteria, and fatally subdue him. Scan the QR code to download now. Body found (off-screen) a week after being abducted from her home. After finishing his career as a musician, Jimmy begins work at The I.V. Alex arrives to the hospital as the new physiotherapist, instantly attracting the attention of Lucy Rickman (Grace Palmer). However, after her stint as a member of The Followers, she managed to reconcile with Ali and they finally became a couple. He arrived in Ferndale after going into a hardware store where he met Dayna however it was cut short when she accidentally caused an accident at the store when she knocked someone off a ladder. Len would confront Gareth which led to Len being shot to death. Portrayed by Reuben Milner since 2014 in what was originally a 4-episode stint, the character became a regular character in the following years and had a family unit written around him. We open on Kylie (Kerry-Lee Dewing) andDylan - or is it Daniel? She had the surgery but then her father Gareth blames Drew for it. After she was nearly molested by Jim, her landlord, she moved into Mo's house, but as they were to confirm their divorce, they had goodbye sex which Mo later confessed to Kate, so Margaret left Auckland, while Kate moved out with Blue. Minutes later there's a blackout at the hospital, because of course there is, and Ian Reed is killed by someone in a dark hoodie, adark hoodievery much like Kylie's. Upon signing one of his contract extensions, Milner was informed by co-star Frankie Adams (Ula Levi) that the character of Jack was being written into a storyline that saw him come out gay. He then pulls off Blue's hood and is confused about his gender. When Margaret returns, Victoria tries to kill her by blowing up her caravan while in the midst of faking a pregnancy to keep Mo in a relationship. He approaches Vinnie Kruse-Miller (Pua Magasiva) and Nicole Kruse-Miller (Sally Martin) to invest instead, but Drew warns them off. She was caught in the the crossfire when Mo and Vinnie bravely tackled gunman . Since Dayna revealed that she is broke after her renovations to the IV, he scored a short-term role as a labourer with his old company before Dayna recommended him as a junior doctor (no specialty) for Shortland Street, having saved Jasmine Cooper after she collapsed at the Coopers, suffering from dehydration. Characters that are currently active are in bold black, original characters (which are non-active) are in yellow, and non-active characters are in red. The following year, Jack began to date his homework tutor Edwin (Maxwell Apse) and subsequently struggled with his father Mo (Jarod Rawiri)'s uneasiness with the same-sex relationship. The 25th season of Shortland Street began airing on 19 January 2016 and concluded on 19 December 2016, and its 25th anniversary was in May 2017. Take your Radio, Podcasts and Music with you. '"[3] He was cast as Jack and described himself as being, "shell-shocked" onset as he was, " looking around and thinking 'I know these people' and I'd be like 'OK that's them'. . Opting to leave medical school to care for her, Jack and Margaret were instead convinced by Matiu to relocate to Waiheke island to heal so that Jack could still attend his university. Lucy gave birth in the car to their daughter but unfortunately would suffer from a ruptured uterus while giving birth. Whist his uncle Mo Hannah (Jarod Rawiri) was out walking with Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) and Kate Nathan (Laurel Devenie) in a park to help assist troubled people on the street, he recognises Leroy and tells everyone that he is his nephew. [10], The character of Jack and his coming-out storyline was said to inspire other homosexual men in similar situations, with Milner being told that, "one of his mates took a lot of inspiration from Jack. "[3] Jack's departure in 2019 amidst the death of Kiri was said to be one of the show's saddest moments.[6]. His heroics prompted a photo shoot to salvage positive publicity, with the cost of his prosthetic leg replacement to be sponsored by the hospital. Margaret goes on the run and Mo began a relationship with Victoria, believing that Margaret is guilty. Pikitea Rose "Pixie" Hannah, played by Thomasin McKenzie,[3] made her first appearance on 25 March 2015. After failing to kill Margaret, Victoria gets Curtis sent to prison by drugging his food. Later in the episode Drew was shot again by a mystery shooter, revealed to be Victoria Anderton in 2016. The Spinoff's television section is brought to you by Panasonic. Ali's relationship with Lucy would cause many problems with his family, his father disowning him and tension arising between Ali and his mother, who are both traditional Muslims of Tunisian descent. First seeming to be a shameless flirt with no respect for women, Drew would form a close friendship with Kylie Brown after Kylie was assigned his nurse in the Plastics unit at the hospital. Nicole and Vinnie notice they are making little return from their investment and bring the issue up with Drew. After surgery, he tries to kiss Blue, much to Blues dislike. While sad at the possible end of one of Shortland Street's most stable relationships, both actors have only praise for the drama's writers and the way they deal with the situations and issues that affect people in real life. She decided to leave after Bella's daughter, Stevie recovered from her surgery, having confronted by McCaskill to formally sever ties. In early 2016 Esther has a fling with Curtis Hannah unaware he was in a relationship with Lucy Rickman then they ended their fling months later that they when entered a relationship, but after he went into trouble they broke up when she started a relationship with newcomer Dr. Finn Connelly.

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