He believes humor and play are essential to physical and emotional health and he devoted his life to providing this type of holistic care to patients. Road safety is everyone's responsibility. Allow your employees to take stretch breaks because even a five-minute break can release muscle tension, loosen joints, and reduce the potential repetitive motion injuries. Many are downloadable. Pick this template and help your management design committed safety policies. Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Training by Canada & Associates Safety Training, LLC. What do you think? We have found that people remember 50% more in what they see than in what But regardless of the work your employees perform, their physical safety should never be out on a limb. Read More. Yes, make some funny powerpoint presentation slides simply by downloading these funny powerpoint slides for free download. Such talks more frequently complete each theme and move on to the next one, rather than learning about the same thing for hours on end. Select from these invigorating templates and ensure if something wrong happens, everyone knows what to do. Life is either positive or negative. 74 Safety PowerPoints from Atlantic Training 50 Audio slide shows from WorkSafeBC 49 PowerPoints from University of Wisconsin Accident investigation Theories of accident causation Aging workforce - safety solutions Arc flash Arsenic health hazards Asbestos Automobile garages Back evaluation of risk Back mechanics Back safety - 1 Back safety - 2 Use this theme to talk about education, writing or to present the exercises to your students in an original and funny way. Another way to keep the learning effective beyond the safety meeting itself is to use memorable quotes and slogans. I have compiled the ten funny safety videos that I have found on the web for free. Dont let electrical safety risks cramp your style. Safety training begins with leadership. It refers to the working environment at a company encompassing the factors that impact all employees safety, health, and well-being. Although the content can sometimes seem dry and repetitive, there are a few ways to keep your safety talk both funny and effective. A. Wow, the world never fails to amaze us. He had to think of some way to find the best person. Learn More About Working with an EHS Consultant and Contact Us. Sort by: Safety Moment Collection of the Joint Safety Team at the University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry and Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science. to view. Funny warnings The perfect icebreaker, this video from Australia perfectly highlights the typical safety briefing. Therefore, you can utilize this template to draft safety guidelines for your construction business. Christopher was sprawled across three entire seats in a theatre. Lab Safety Rules 10- Chemical safety: -never touch, taste or smell a chemical unless instructed to do so. Include all the tips mentioned in the blog and hit the health and safety goals of your business. Perhaps our favorite part in regards to this cautionary tale is that its listed on IMDb, complete with a compelling summary which we just had to share: A cautionary training film for those who operate and repair heavy equipment. In the words of Michael Scott, "this is why we have training: we start . spectator stepped up for a closer look and was struck in the eye by This means we only work with a small percentage of the whole company on our job site. This funny PowerPoint presentations free download features a blackboard with white fonts and colorful elements. google_ad_height = 250; Man With Paper Mask For Safety Funny Picture. This office safety training powerpoint presentation was created by PATHS. Be Careful! Therefore, grab it immediately! Please send us your funny construction safety pictures. . The Flixborough disaster, UKs worst industrial accident. Why not, therefore, use our findings, stories, pictures, posters While slips, trips, and falls are no laughing matter when they really happen in one of your facilities, we can all agree that watching people stumble can be funny. But if youre looking for more laughs or creative ideas for workplace safety, check out our post: Homer Simpson's Guide to Workplace Health and Safety. West Fertilizer Company explosion. Create an invigorating workplace safety plan that provides a two-fold system of ensuring employee safety. All right, mate. Here's an excerpt from the guide: The key to life is moderation. Dont lose sight of the overall message youre trying to deliver. Share appropriate measures and steps to be taken in such situations. Download this visually appealing template to protect your business and employees from stressful situations. Leadership Skills Training by The University of Exeter, Lockout Tagout Safety Training Powerpoint Presentation, Information Security Awareness Training by Wilfrid Laurier University, Information Security Awareness Training by Mount Auburn Hospital, Security Awareness Training by HIMSS Louisiana Chapter, IT Security Awarenesss Training by Northern Virginia Community College, Security Training and Threat Awareness by Pedraza, Skills for Successful Supervision Training by Georgia Department of Human Services, Supervisory Responsibilities Training by DOA State of Louisiana, How to Train Employees to Be Supervisors Training by USDA, Introduction to Supervision Training by SUNY Cobleskill, Documentation Training for Supervisors by SHRM, The Supervisor as Trainer by San Diego State University, Preventing Harassment in the Workplace by Delgado Community College, Harassment Training For Supervisors by SHRM, Discrimination and Harassment Free Workplace Training by State of Oregon, Basic EEO and Sexual Harassment Training by Department of Education, Workplace Violence Training by Johns Hopkins University, Workplace Violence Prevention Training by OSHA, ABCs for Preventing Workplace Violence Training by The Relational Culture Institute, Establishing a Workplace Violence Prevention Program Training by NJPCA, Violence in the Workplace Training by GBMC, Personal Protective Equipment and Tool Safety Training by Elizabethtown KCTCS, Personal Protective Equipment Training by TEEX, Personal Protective Equipment Training by OSHA, Personal Protective Equipment in the Construction Industry Training by NMENV, Personal Protective Equipment Training by ECU, Respiratory Protection Training by University of Kentucky, Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Training by TEEX, Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Training by BLR, Welding Safety Training by WY MSHA State Grant Program, Welding and Cutting Safety Training by NPCA, Welding and Cutting Safety Training by the University of Southern Mississippi. But this video takes the dangers of sleepy workers to the next level with ahefty mix of all-over-the-place animations and graphics, as well as a dose of lack of sleep equals death messaging. Select this innovative work safety template to support awareness and actions for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Below are a few links to our favorite humorous safety training resources. Please send us your funny safety pictures. So keep your training upbeat, fun, and entertaining to make sure that everyone stays engaged! Most of these injuries could have been avoided if employers How did you manage that? By putting your energy into delivering your toolbox talk, you not only keep everyone engaged but you can emphasize the importance of what youre saying, helping you to better get your point across. Be safe, drive smart. Pick this template and share such general precautions with your workforce. hurled the extinguisher into the blaze. However, for others, graduating is enough of torture and they simply cant wait to get done. Funny Presentation templates Presentations do not have to be boring, so download one of these free Funny templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint and give your audience a memorable experience. mix the serious message with humour. I have compiled the ten funny safety videos that I have found on the web for free. Giraffes and the topic in question- now thats what we call thinking outside the box. The 6 Funny Safety Moment Ideas To Shake Up Your Toolbox Talks, Tips To Make Your Safety Talk Funny and Effective, Hilarious Workplace Safety Video Training, Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, 8 Key January Safety Topics + Top Winter Safety Tips, 100+ Short Workplace Safety Topics from [A-Z] Free Download, 100 + Safety Topics For Daily Toolbox Talk 2023, 9 Safety Culture Leadership Quotes Everyone Should Read, Safety Culture Perception Surveys: The Complete Guide, Successful Safety Incentive Programs Examples [A-Z Guide], LTIR Calculation: All About Lost Time Incident Rate, counter short attention spans is with humor, leads to better learning outcomes and knowledge recall, improve the safety culture at your workplace, 10 Handpicked Safety Meeting Topics For Manufacturing, Improving Safety Culture In The Workplace, 8 December Safety Topics For A Safer Holiday Season At Work, 11 Handpicked Safety Meeting Topics for Manufacturing, 8 Safety Leaders Youll Want To Follow In 2021, 100 + Safety Topics For Daily Toolbox Talk 2022, Fall Prevention Equipment For Construction Safety: Full Guide , The 7 Hottest August Safety Topics + Download Links, 7 July Safety Topics Your Employees Should Hear (Download), 8 September Safety Topics Your Staff Should Be Aware Of. Active Shooter Awareness. They also have fewer absentee, late, and sick days than people who arent having fun. Try not to touch the shower - SHOCK. It may be time to call in "The Bobs." 2. That good mood and stress relief are also hugely responsible for success in teaching. Silly Labels Bored Panda has put together a list of people who have tried (and sometimes failed) to do just that. Occupational clinics can provide valuable insights into workplace injury and prevention. Our favorite memorable safety slogans include:A spill, a slip, a hospital trip.When you gamble with safety, you bet your life. Falling on objects can be brutal, wear your hard hat to protect your noodle.Feel free to make up an acronym, quote, or rhyme to keep the topic at the forefront of their minds. Oh wait, we forgot how presentations rule the day in the professional world too. - never mix chemicals unless instructed to do so. Copyright 2023 SlideTeam. Seatbelts save lives. Aggressive Driving & Road Rage. Help them understand that their negligence can put other co-workers at risk. purposes he used a sausage as a substitute. I recommend 2 to 20 participants to give everyone who wants to speak a. Free Safety Training Powerpoint Presentation. grenade? If youre in need of other training content for your LMS, we can offer you any of our 170 courses to, https://wave.safetysoft.com/safety-powerpoints. 2 - The Idea of the "Large Ripple" - Behavioral Safety Meeting. In addition to this, 31% had been drinking. Again, Christopher just groaned which, in turn, infuriated the usher who Once, an engineer, a physicist and a safety officer all applied for the Try using an Idiots at Work or Bad Day at Work search to demonstrate some funny and extreme examples of safety rule-breaking! google_color_text = "000000"; If you need someone to help lighten the load, especially at a time where experience, bandwidth,and strategy can make an immense difference, contact us. Due to the negligence of 7 employees, more than 5 lakh people were exposed to the lethal methyl isocyanate. The template can be easily edited. Theres no short-cutting when it comes to safety at work or at home for that matter. Please, Get in touch with your inner creative with our downloadable resources. Safety Moment PowerPoint PPT Presentations. SlideTeam has published a new blog titled "Top 7 Consulting Agreement Templates for Professional Relationships!". with no success. Man On Hanging Vehicle Funny Safety Image. 15. 12 firefighters and 3 civilians were killed, a majority of them were trying to bring the flare under control. Youll never get your degree without going through the presentation phase. 1. The "1 Minute 4 Safety" slides are designed to assist Berkeley Lab employees in conducting discussions on the environment, safety, and health topics. fire' in the live demonstration area. The engineer got out a sextant, and computed ratios of a yardstick to the About 3,787 people died the same night, and further 8,000 people passed away as a result of the exposure subsequently. Do you agree? No, that's not our perspective but it is for this young lady. As is the case with everything in life, practice is the only thing that can help you become successful. Provide your employees with all the necessary information and measures to stay safe. DuPont shows how laughter helps engage employees, enhance recall and improve learning in this funny safety video. Not only does it improve your mood and make the diagnosis and treatment more bearable, but the relief of stress and anxiety is further beneficial to recovery. Share yours for free! Our safety resources give you the knowledge and stories you need to manage human factorsand wont find anywhere else. Have you ever tried studying for an exam when you have Thanks to this video from Heerema Fabrication Group, we get a humerous reminder to be safe on the job and stay aware to avoid getting hurt. But given all the blood spatter, we had to draw the not-safe-for-work line somewhere pun absolutely intended on that. Multiple investigations exposed that the plant was hastily executed with certain modifications that forged the leak of liquid from one of the plants reactors. These safety training PowerPoints cover the items specified by OSHA standards. The cop surveyed the Well-designed Safety PowerPoint Templates To Add Safety Tips To live a life, we need to be safe. Workplace Violence. Take your standard safety presentation to the next level by introducing humor. It will answer all of the questions you have about injecting humor into a safety presentation, including: Download the guide to using humor in safety here and transform your next presentation into one theyll remember. And fun is a good thing to have in the workplace (and its pretty rare too). Author: Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. Use them to break up training sessions and get employees thinking safety. Further, 160 people were injured and around 150 buildings collapsed due to the blast. Free Safety Training Power Points Aerial Lift PowerPoints Asbestos PowerPoints Bloodborne Pathogens PowerPoints Confined Spaces PowerPoints Construction PowerPoints Only stuntmen are crazy enough to do The meaning of safety and employers responsibility to prevent injury may vary with different working conditions. 16. 1.1 Lighting and visibility. Freeware. They might not even realize they are learning something, but when the moment arises, the information will be there for them to recall. This can highlight safety issues, dangerous hazards, or even a quick topic like ladder safety. Games - Play a game. If necessary, use video content or live role-plays to reinforce the message. and articles in your induction courses and indeed in your Health and Safety testimonies that visuals do attract people and advertising using visuals are Choose this template to ensure that your workers feel safe while operating in the facilities. The guide covers the basics for injecting humor into your safety presentations and it even includes a couple of jokes and some sage advice to get you in the right mindset. Get our colorful templates at a reasonable cost. However, we do appreciate the efforts the presenter made in making sure his audience would remember the content. Therefore, grab it immediately! He did this several times. Man With Helmet On Bicycle Funny Safety Image. DuPont has been a recognized and respected brand for more than two centuries. The big takeaway? you're only allowed one seat. Steer clear. Thirteen others fainted, and one man required seven stitches after he cut his head falling off a chair while watching the film. Introduction This orientation is concerned with SAFETY IN THE OILFIELD, not the mechanical aspects of oilfield work. 'Sir,' the usher announced, 'If you don't get up from there, I'm Heres a slideshow of various workplace safety violations that will make you scratch your head and wonder how these people are still alive by WolfEchoes. Intrigued, a curious google_color_url = "008000"; Funny Ladder Picture Crazy Ladder Balancing We Fear for These Electricians on Their Ladders On the Roof - A Brief Funny Tale Electrical Safety Pictures - Lightning Nearly Strikes Man Funny Safety Story Two Its nice to get a laugh (and once you make them laugh youll be greedy for more), but the laugh is only meant to help sustain your training, so you need to know your limits. '76 feet, 4.1 inches,' says the engineer. Man With Basket Helmet Funny Safety Picture. Department Statements. Instead, a funny video might allow them to participate and absorb the information. google_ad_format = "300x250_as"; safety powerpoint templates-safety presentation Free Downloadable Safety Training PowerPoints Atlantic Training's safety training PowerPoints cover a wide variety of critical topics such as PPE, construction safety, driving safety, ergonomics, slips, trips and falls, eye safety, and more. It's also the key to humor in safety training. Youll find all sorts of tips, tricks and useful advice in the guide. Por favor elige tu regin While resistance welding or brazing, the operators must use safety shields and goggles, depending on the job, to protect their eyes and face from any hazard. The fact that in the UK over a *million workers get injured every year Download Arrow Head Steps For Work Place Safety Plan. This one from Channel 1 Creative Media can be used as a great ice breaker in a safety meeting. Therefore, practice makes perfect, and over the years, you realize theyre not as bad as many perceive them to be. Start a road safety awareness campaign with our well-designed Safety PowerPoint Templates with great designs. Safety at work But wait, what if we told you that funny PowerPoint presentations are trending with hilarious examples to make your day? Carbon Monoxide Factsheet - Download for Free, Free OSHA Fact Sheets, InfoSheets and Hazard Alerts, Injury & Illness Recordkeeping Download OSHA Form 300, 300A, and 301, The Big List of Free Safety Training PowerPoint Presentations, Aerial Lift Safety Training by FHM Insurance, Aerial Lifts Training by University of Wisconsin, Arc Flash Safety Training by Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Arc Flash Safety Training by Murray State University, Arc Flash Energy & Protection Training by EWB Engineering, Electrical Hazards Training by Cooper Bussmann, Arc Flash Analysis Training by Illinois Institute of Technology, Life Threatening Allergies Training by New York State Department of Health, Allergies, Allergens and Food Handlers Training by SSFPA, Sanitation Training by University of Minnesota, Life Threatening Food Allergies in Schools and Educational Programs, Risk Assessment for Food Allergens Training by Food and Drug Administration, Bloodborne Pathogens Training by Bowling Green State University, Bloodborne Pathogens Training by The University of Texas at Arlington, Bloodborne Pathogens Training by Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Bloodborne Pathogen Training by Oakland Community College, Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness Training by North Carolina DHHS, Bloodborne Pathogen Safety Training Powerpoint, Confidentiality Training by Madison County Schools, Confidentiality Training by UCSD Health Sciences, Confidentiality Training by Jacksboro ISD, Training on Confidentiality by Spotsylvania County Schools, Confidentiality and Special Education Training by Madison County Schools, Confidentiality in the Schools Training by Washington County School District, Crisis Management Training Strategies by RIMS, Crisis Management A Leadership Challenge Training by Bloomington Public Schools, Crisis & Risk Management Training by University of Alexandria, Crisis Management Training by Iowa State University, Diversity and Inclusion Training by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Meeting the Challenge of Diversity Training, Cultural Diversity & Cultural Competence Training by Loudon County Schools, Diversity in the Workplace Training by Texas A&M University, Understanding Diversity Training by USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department, Cultural Diversity in the Workplace Training, Enhancing Relationships Through Cultural Competence Training, Cultural Competence & Culturally Responsive, Cultural Awareness Training by UN Department for Peacekeeping Operations, Delivering and Improving Effective Customer Service Training by WikiSpace, Customer Service Training by McGraw-Hill Companies, Delivering Exceptional Customer Service Training by College of Southern Nevada, Customer Services Standards Training by The State of Michigan, Ethics Training by ServiceMaster Lakeshore, Ethics Training by Eastern Washington University, Business Ethics Fundamentals Training by University of Utah, Developing an Effective Ethics Program Training by Cengage Learning, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Training by Mohave Community College, Sexual Harassment Training by Montana Dept. Finally, there is a correlation between happy staff, higher productivity and employee engagement, meaning the benefits of using humor at work reach far beyond your safety talks: they create a happy workforce. Together the two of them tried repeatedly to move him, but Stay tuned for more interesting content. Fortunately he didn't get stung, but the second The principles behind: CONSULT. printers The fluorescent ability to smell. a flying piece of debris. If youre presenting or creating worksheets, feel free to incorporate relevant memes to keep everyone entertained. This 4-minute video is inspired by the classic Rolling Stones hit, Satisfaction. Humour effectively drives a point building. Accident video clips, Nothing As Mundane as Safety Must Interfere with the Tea Break, A crowd gathered around at a woodworking trade show held, Humour In Posters Brings Good Feelings To a Workplace, The Safety Officer: An Hilarious and Funny Story. (After all, everyone has their own chainsaw-wielding-Ricky that doesnt take health and safety seriously. wasp had flown up his trousers. For more trending stories from around the globe, dont forget to take a look at our article Bride Reads Out Affair Texts At Wedding Instead Of Her Vows. "Keeping it Real" with Electrical Safety DuPont has been a recognized and respected brand for more than two centuries. We know you're busy -- the full film is a whopping 23 minutes long -- and in the spirit of taking shortcuts in the workplace, we are providing you with a condensed version (an unmoving still of the title track with the story of "Three Finger Joe" playing in the background). caused by work shows that employers are very much taking risks with their Accidents Finally, once the laughter dies down and its time to get back to business, dont forget that were your EHS consulting firm with broad-based experienceand an above-average sense of humor. But for those of you who havent dealt with safety, let us first understand its meaning. Ladder Safety PPT R Ladders can pose serious potential for a fall if used improperly or in an unsafe manner. Funny Safety Training Download Templates Of Welder Wearing Shield And Gloves At Work For Health Safety. If you're a member, just log in to see what's new. Aimed at Years 1-6, the PowerPoint features simple, easy-to-understand illustrations to help deliver important messages in a clear yet friendly way. Besides, you should conduct regular meetings to review safety standards and rules. Theres nothing wrong with adding some fun to your safety training. 12 firefighters and 3 civilians were killed, a majority of them were trying to bring the flare under control. programmes. It also gave us Shake Hands With Danger Caterpillars short-film featuring re-enactments of numerous accident scenarios and the theme song of the same name. Later, an investigation revealed that the company had been illegally storing 55 tons of ammonium nitrate on-site, along with a further 55 tons of anhydrous ammonia. Hazard identification, assessment, and control are paramount for the smooth functioning of all organizations. When they repeated this study in 2015, it dipped to just 8 seconds. If you dont know any stories first hand, take a look at Patch Adams (famously known as the clown-like doctor in the movie of the same name portrayed by Robin Williams). workplace. Fortunately, safety trainers dont need to go to such drastic lengths. Hierarchy of Control - Office Safety. A.nav:active {COLOR: #ffffff; TEXT-DECORATION: none} 2.1 National Heart Month. What's the tallest building in the world? Ppt on funny topics. Guy With Weird Helmet For Safety Funny Image. This, again, releases dopamine upon completion and means that theyll be learning the most important aspects of each topic without the fluff and extras. Making it fun helps engage those who would otherwise tune out the content. The year 1980 didnt just give us the Miracle on Ice, the long-anticipated release of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, or the revival of the preppy look. Almost all the buildings in the neighborhood flattened, further injuring 36 people due to the blast. Its a bit long, but worth the watch and is sure to get people talking in a safety meeting. . Ppt on funny topics.If you need to add more text boxes to your funny PowerPoint slides you can. Safety guidelines are critical for all organizations. Get your team up and attem with a game of Safety Charades! You can use it to elucidate the potential hazards of your industry. (Also, good thing this video was just a preview, and not meant for actual use.). A.nav:link {COLOR: #ffffff; TEXT-DECORATION: none; padding: 3px;} However, they do have a responsibility to follow the government rules and regulations. Veuillez choisir votre rgion 17. Since youre not performing a stand-up comedy routine, you need to remember this. Hi Immanuel, Thanks for the appreciation. If you want to make your students happy, then you might as well revamp the true meaning of homework. Presentation, spoken, video, or official government documents. In this video, our safety guides with amazing 1970s-era mustaches, Ron and Lamar, address a common workplace hazard working with electrical components and all the no-nos that come along with it.